Tag game: give us five random things about yourself and pass it on to ten of your followers. REPOST NOT REBLOG. I was tagged by: wholocksuperdead.

Ok, here we go:

1) I live in the wonderfully crisp state of AZ…
2) … And I attend school in the winter wonderland of Rochester, NY.
3) Though I study Optical Engineering and take courses heavy on science and mathematics, I also participate in theatre as often as possible, and love both acting and being behind the scenes.
4) I used to play the violin in elementary school, until the music program fell apart. I now own an old, deteriorating student violin.
5) I’m short. Like, more than average, I think. My 10 year old sister is reaching close to my height. I’m 20 (that was two facts for the price of one, I hope you’re happy).

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(I have literally 25 followers so I hope that if I tagged you, you aren’t put off or weirded out or anything. Besides, tell me [and everyone who follows you] about yourselves! do it do ittttttt.)

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